Zen Cha Warriors Trading Card Games


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Zen Cha Warriors - Build & Destroy theme deck games are about forming valid combinations of sequences and sets while stifling your opponent from building their army. 

Each player starts with a pair of kingdom cards. The two cards represent the foundation of polar opposite kingdoms—good and evil. 

The pair of reversible king’s and queen’s crowns on each card from the Dragon Cloud Dynasty and the Ice Cap Dynasty holds the same value in points—200 points for each set of crowns. 400 points as the residing pair of crowns in play

Players are dealt 5 cards each and are allowed to pick and discard a card on their turn.
The one who successfully builds their army first and declares “
FULL-LEAF!” before the other players is the winner in the game of Build & Destroy.

This deck includes: 60 cards, 1 ultra rare card, two kingdom cards and a guide booklet.