Zen Cha Warriors - Book 1 - Insomniacs, rise!


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Ziiz, a Supreme Zen Cha Master, senses a disturbance in the land. Skilled and knowledgeable, he knows to follow his instincts, and his instincts tells him the chatter of the usually strong winds are not to be ignored. They foretell the presence of hidden omens.

Just as he suspected, Catalina Mahogany of Quiver Tree surfaces, a century-old enemy.

After a century of terror, Catalina became known as the Paper Swan Sorceress of Unicorn Islet. And now, she’s back to reclaim the Sword of Songs, but the only true threat standing in her way is Ziiz.

Three powerful adversaries of Catalina’s joins the battle and sets the stage for a series of unbelievable and frightening events. With dark secrets and ominous MAGIC! cycling around teakins, coffeekins and paper-craft at every turn, will chaos be the new world order or will someone rise to the occasion and save all citizens of Full Leaf Island?