The Trophy Club - Classy & Clever (Book One)


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Hanna Hascott stands to inherit a fortune when her billionaire CEO husband passes away. As she scrambles to protect him and his assets, she finds herself plagued by a growing uneasiness. In addition to the pressures of business, she fears someone is watching and waiting for her to make a mistake.

As the inevitable draws near, she knows she needs an ally. She finds one in the form of a risk analyst, who seemingly has her best interests in mind… for now.

Eager for a reprieve, she escapes to Las Vegas, but the distance isn’t enough to get her mind off work. After befriending a group of like-minded women, they form what is affectionately known as The Trophy Club. But that’s not the only alliance she forms in Vegas.

A handsome stranger piques her interest and promises a much-needed distraction from her stressful life, but allowing herself to fall for him may push her one step closer to danger. Will her deepest fears come to fruition or has stress finally pushed her to the brink?