Supervillain’s Rehab


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On the eve of The Death Triangle’s 10th anniversary, marking the birth of three constantly evolving world-ending threats, a group of superheroes create a league of super teams— The Mega League Six. The League has just one goal; to prevent another intergalactic disaster from ever occurring in Universe ONE’s regions. 

The Mega League Six are called upon by Royal Gatekeepers or, The Most High, to hunt down active supervillains and drag them to justice. If possible, they need to be tried and sentenced to death, or admitted to a Supervillain’s Rehab Center and later be assigned to a low-tier prison. 

However, walk-ins are given preferential treatment, but aren’t completely exonerated from their criminal past. But, their family, friends and loved ones are given total protection of the UOU’s (Universe One Union) justice system and from the retaliation of all villains for cooperating with the UOU agencies. 

Herald, one of 12 guidance counselors, is given the task of attempting to rehabilitate the most notorious supervillains across the galaxy and multi-universes. If they should succeed, before signing them off, the counselors are required to submit all official reports, restrictions, and recommendations before their client can re-enter society or be sentenced to a low-security prison.