Carnivore Couture - Cornerstones

Pop Life Studios

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In the cutthroat world of high-fashion, money, prestige, and beauty equate to power.  Recherché & Company CEO Nina de Costa is the grand dame of the multibillion dollar industry. Her keen eye and no-holds-barred style can make or break any line and destroy a career long before it had a chance to shine.

When she summons a group of corporate gurus to oversee a group of fashion misfits, tensions are high, but no one dares question her commands… until a security breach brings the whole operation into question.

A talented artist in his own right, Guillame-Alexandre “Guy” Gaetan, falls into the group of misfit couturiers by design. With innovative ideas and the tenacity to see things through by any means necessary, he’s the one to study and outmaneuvers Group B from bring their product line before his group. But there’s more to making a name for yourself then ruffling feathers and making too many radical changes.

Someone other than Nina is pulling the strings. So many unanswered questions. So, few leads. Who is in control of this complicated operation and what’s their end game?

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